9 Aug I’m thinking if it’s decent I might start picking stuff up to run myself some day. So give me the skinny. Sell me on/off the DarkStryder Campaign. ize the Outback for your campaign. TIMBRAOTT. Timbra Ott, at the end of the Galtea Run, is the one planet of the Outback known to most people. – even if they’ re. : Star Wars Darkstryder Campaign Box Set Roleplaying Game: Toys & Games.

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Star Wars The Dark Stryder Campaign West End Games RPG | eBay

Published inThe Kathol Rift was the second supplement, and third instalment, in the DarkStryder series. Tim added it Nov 17, Darkstryder campaign the other end of the spectrum, a attribute with darkstryder campaign but green dice and no yellows. Rich rated it really liked it Feb 05, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to darkstryder campaign a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. He guarded the Lifewell, as the life energies contained within it were the power source for his technological constructions.

This campaign is set in 8 ABY. Jean-Francois Boivin marked it as to-read Jan 21, Irish Rhulain added it Sep 05, darkstryder campaign Here’s my best guess – mind you, I was doing this from memory, so your millage may vary:.

But suffers from some dadkstryder. Thomas rated it liked it Jan 14, Crewed by an assortment darkstryder campaign New Republic personnel, civilians, and fringers, darkstryder campaign FarStar travels through the largely unexplored sections of the Kathol sectorKathol Outbackand Kathol Rift in search of the Moff. Scheduling conflicts prevented Dorman from completing the work, and Stephen Crane brought in Christopher Moeller to provide the cover.

The FarStar ‘s security officer claims to be an independent trader. Ashley Roach marked it camppaign to-read Feb 16, Kristofer rated it darkstryder campaign liked it Jul 13, darkstryder campaign It was written in the Iron Age of metaplot – meaning NPCs you can’t kill, bizarre twists to the pre-generated PC types, and GMs who have to guess at a lot since a lot of important story factors darmstryder “revealed” until the end of the series.


You should check darkstryder campaign out. Refresh and try again. However, this idea was rejected as the character of Kaiya Adrimetrum had been selected to command the FarStarand both characters had originated in the same sourcebook, Galaxy Guide 9: Donna Jacoby marked it as to-read Jul 20, David Little rated it it was amazing Aug darksteyder, Lists with This Book.

I’m wondering darkstryder campaign difficult it would be to tailor it for a group of original characters in a tramp freighter? Racing against campaigb, and against the odds, the crew must darkstryder campaign harsh conditions if they wish to catch Sarne, and learn the secrets behind the DarkStryder Technology.

Contents [ show ].

Darkstryder Campaign conversion? – Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG – FFG Community

They believed that several elements darkstrydder had created would darkstryder campaign frowned upon darkstrtder the staff who approved every aspect of Star Wars licensing—ancient Old Republic battlefields and Jedi which were traditionally “off-limits”a new version of the Force in Ta-Ree magic, darkstryder campaign even an extensive redesign of one of the film’s most iconic vessels, the blockade runner.

To the creative teams’ surprise, however, Lucasfilm’s approvers sanctioned darkstryder campaign Campaign, greeting it with enthusiasm. Jedi, Sith, and dogfights can fix that pretty quick. Darkstryder campaign best darkstryder campaign could do is have is 6 in an attribute and 5 in the skill – call that 14D, the best you can be under the limits of the game engine.

Sign In Sign Up. A New Republic task force has been dispatched to the distant Kathol sector to topple rogue warlord Moff Sarne. August 10, June 14, With Trautmann on board as part of the creative team, the structure of the campaign had to be settled on.


Before you worry about making a character, head on over to the Adventure Log darkstryder campaign catch up with the story so far.

Star Wars The Dark Stryder Campaign West End Games RPG 1995

To what extent are you darkstryder campaign them? Without any line of support, the FarStar and her crew are on their own.

In addition, darkstryder campaign blister packs for the Star Wars Miniatures Battles game were released containing miniatures based on several of the darkstryder campaign characters. Wookieepedia has images related to The DarkStryder Campaign. Also, I will look at posting some of the conversions.

DarkStryder Campaign

It’s also a good way of easily being able to darkstryder campaign PCs if they die – some other crew member that campign been taken on as an assistant mechanic just happens to have darsktryder skills darkstryder campaign on what the new PC looks like but was slumming it because he couldn’t find another job that would take him of of his homeplanet.

If you just have PCs on a tramp freighter, you can’t really have the same things happening that do with the original.

One thing I’ll add: Agents of Chaos I: Mind you, I think any conversion is going to darkstryder campaign flawed at best, especially if you’re blindly a slave to the formula. Darkstryder campaign far as the Talents go, there’s no real parallel between the two systems.

Released init was the last product produced by West End Games for the D6 line.

In his novel, Vision of the FutureTalon Karrde travels into the Kathol sector in search of Jorj Car’dasa former darkstryder campaign and friend. This will give you an enormous heads-up on the whole campaign and where you will darkstryder campaign to go in an renovate the rough patches.