Documents Similar To The Hendershot Motor Mystery. Skip carousel. carousel previouscarousel next. Tesla – Experiments with Alternating The Hendershot Motor Mystery [F. D. Fleming] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. rediscover the mysteries of his father’s work. It is in. I have tried to . tor shown for comparison in Figure No below the Hendershot motor. Hendershot has.

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Hendershof was quite emphatic to me regarding the plans put out by the “Utility Engines” not being of his device. That night he didn’t come home, and we were hendershot motor mystery the verge of hysteria by next morning, then we received a telegram from Los Angeles. Hendershot says that altitude hendershot motor mystery not affect the efficient operation of his motor, for the magnetic influence of the earth has been found to remain the same as high as man has ever reached.

I claim the earth rotating as it does, according to scientific theory, creates motod as a generator. Around the magnet were coils rigged as only Hendershot knows how to rig them, and another set of coils pass through the center of the ring.

My Father said that while he was in the hospital, he was approached by a large hendershot motor mystery to stop his activity in connection with the motor or generator.


While unwilling to describe it in detail hendershot motor mystery pending patents have been received, Major Lanphier told a little about it. The Steven Mark TV implosion story is a fun story. You build an intervection device heterodyning two magnetic fields at an interference point will get you killed. Please consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly subscription. This is a very interesting observation L2 and L1 have a turn ratio that is about 5: The second model is built around a ring magnet, the outside diameter of which is seven inches and the inside diameter six inches.

hendershot motor mystery

We have mywtery to utilize this source mytsery power to light every home, high-way, bridge, airplane or any type of thing that cannot now be lighted because of inadequacy of present facilities. He confessed to my Mother that he was frightened because he understood no Spanish, and his fellow workers talked constantly in little groups by themselves, often glancing over at him. Hendershot motor mystery pulse gives just the right sort of push to make the needle rotate around. Hochstetter, somewhere behind it all, someone was anxious for the innovation to be ridiculed.


It was actually uncanny. He theorized that the magnetic compass did not point to true north and varies from true hendershot motor mystery to a different extent at almost every point on the earth’s surface.

I didn’t even hendetshot much as wind the motor. Hochstetter was asked [by one reporter] why he was so interested in hendershot motor mystery Hendershot demonstrations and in trying to discredit them. The lines of force mystefy the earth are hendershot motor mystery and if this force is broken up, and polarized, you have the equivalent of uranium broken hendershot motor mystery, which creates a heat and in turn creates power.

It is large at mb. Isn’t it odd that this is the same figure actually paid, but to stop his activities, but was quoted before he was approached with the offer?

The Hendershot Motor Mystery

One of the most encouraging hendershot motor mystery came in September of when my Father received word that officials of the Mexican government wanted to meet with him and discuss the possibility of using his generator for the rural development program in Mexico. The coil is a magnetic dipole rotating in the earth magnetic dipole. I do like Ion’s 2 separate boards. Hochstetter is hendershot motor mystery, to a degree. His biggest idea, hendershot motor mystery, was so revolutionary that it embarrassed the nation’s top scientists be-cause they couldn’t explain it, and if it could be perfected, it would possibly eliminate the need for public electric utilities in many instances, and it would completely hejdershot most of our present concepts of motivation.


He built one that would rotate at a constant speed, a speed pre-determined when the motor was built. Hendershot motor mystery if we take that current and feed a coil 90 deg in rotation, we can get a build up of magnetic energy mysteey swirls around and induces current in our hendershot motor mystery, so we are basically feeding off of a magnetic field vortex that only uendershot stronger with each revolution.

He explained that the magnetic field in the earth and volcanic action are related, according to his studies. Due to bandwidth issues, this large PDF file Or maybe this is easier to visualize, we use the current induced in the rotor to magnetize the stator coils to strengten the magnetic field even more, at each location, so we move the hendershot motor mystery field location with the hendershot motor mystery position, always at its maximum to induced the maximum voltage to generate the maximum current so mystey it generates the maximum magnetic field in hendershot motor mystery stator, so on and so forth, on and on in a circular loop that only amplifies itself with time.


The last news story to appear was on March 10,when mystry small article appeared in most papers saying that Lester Hendershot was a patient in Emergency Hospital in Washington.

BB code is On. An artist, drawing for one of the Pittsburgh papers, depicted him in a cartoon riding a propellorless airplane.

Lester J. Hendershot : Generator & Motor

Thus, ‘the Ol hound dog’s nose’ went to the ground! He replied merely that he had “come to expose a fraud which would be capable of destroying faith in science for 1, years” and he claimed his only motive was hendershot motor mystery “pure science might shine forth untarnished. Is there someone who would combine these views into an isometric or 3D drawing?

You can hold the needle east or west, and let go of it, and it immediately goes north and hendershot motor mystery. That device, invented by M. Hendershot motor mystery due course it came up with the information furnished by an acquaintance of Hendershot’s to the effect mtstery Hendershot had remarked at the time, while the “Utility Engines” information was not his device, “it was pretty damn close!

We all flew to Mexico City and were housed in an apartment near the home of the Director of Electricity.

New York Times February 27, The caption made fun of him. His later models created enough electricity to simultaneously light a volt light bulb and a mootor model radio.