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Due to the following and fondness of Narsinh Mehta, his poems are not available in the language they were written and instead have been preserved orally. The compositions are collected under the category of shringar compositions.

He also mentions the Vaishnava surname among Nagars. He will forever be remembered for his poetic works and devotion to Lord Krishna. The exact location of the non-reverend Shivalinga worshiped by Narsinh is not mentioned in old as well as new traditions. A legend has it that the poet, transfixed by the spectacle, narsinh mehta poems in gujarati his hand with the torch he was holding, but he was so engrossed in the ecstatic vision that he was oblivious to the pain.

He married Manekbai probably in the year He is especially revered in Gujarati literature, where he is acclaimed as its Narsinh mehta poems in gujarati Kavi.

She has divided the development in three stages; biography from his poetry which is autobiographical in nature, biography emerging from poetry of poets born between Krishnadas and Premanandbiography written by poets after Premanand. He composed poems of many different genres which can be divided into three categories: He lived with his family and he did not had any followers.

This custom, known as Mameru, was simply out of the reach of materialistically poor Narsinh who had hardly jehta except intransient faith in his Lord. Narsinh must have known Geet GovindVedant etc. He also writes with fondness regarding is own childhood pranks and the many adventures he had. It also seems that he must have fallen into a somewhat ill repute amongst the Nagars following incidents like accepting invitation to sing glories of Lord Krishna in association of devotees belonging to lower social strata.


Vaishnav jan tohis popular composition. So it can be said that the contemporaneity of Mandalika and Narsinh was established by Samvat They are poens of intense lyricism, based upon pastimes of conjugal love between the Supreme Lord and Narsinh mehta poems in gujarati most intimate devotees – the Gopis and are not without allegorical dimensions.

It works seem influenced by Marathi poets like Namdev. How Krishna helped his beloved devotee is a legend depicted in ‘Mameru Na Pada’. They have been largely preserved orally.

Other famous legends include: Legend has it that when Narsinh Mehta was shown the eternal raas leela of Sri Krishna he was so transfixed that he burnt his hand with his torch, yet never noticed the pain due to being so engrossed in the vision. Mehta was born in the ancient town of Talaja, before moving to be within narsinh mehta poems in gujarati Vaishnava Narsinh mehta poems in gujarati community.

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The mention of Junagadh king Mandalika is considered to establish his date. Narsinh Mehta in Gujarati. It is then when he poem and fasted for a week and believed that after this time Shiva appeared narsinh mehta poems in gujarati his eyes. One question emerge from that why did Mandalika tested him even though he was mentioned as religious Vaishnava in other sources. He was raised by his grandmother Jaygauri.

But it can be taken as the common Nagar clan.

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Narsinh was opposed in his Nagar society but the opposition was not strong as much seen in other saint-poets like Meera and Kabir of that era. One day, Narsinh has enough of her gujarrati and left the house to find some peace narsinh mehta poems in gujarati a nearby forest.


He is especially revered in Gujarati literaturewhere he is acclaimed as its Adi Kavi Sanskrit for “first among poets”. This began his journey into spirituality, which was something he wholeheartedly embraced throughout his life and in all of his poems.

One poem on the event of garland even mentions Samvat as the date of event but the authenticity narsinh mehta poems in gujarati not established. The following family tree is mentioned in it: His Veda division and his family deities Kuladevta and Kuladevi is also mentioned.

However, Bansidhar’s wife Sister-in-law or bhabhi did not welcome Narsinh very well. Timemap Click on each item to display narsinh mehta poems in gujarati information. She was an ill-tempered woman, always mheta and insulting Narsinh Mehta for his devotion Bhakti.

Mehta and his wife stayed at his brother Bansidhar’s house in Junagadh. He was unable to speak until the age of eight, and was very much a lost little boy in many gujaarti. No independent poem of the event of garland is found in the biographical poems of the poets of gujarato period like Krishnadas, Vishnudas, Govind, Vishwanath Jani or Premanand but the event of garland is mentioned in some poems.

Some scholars mentions Gopnath near Talaja as the place but it gujzrati dubious because Narsinh had worshiped it in forest while the Gopnath is on the seashore.

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No new features are included. So Dholakiya opines that the authentic pedigree of Narsinh Mehta loems not survived. So Dholakiya opines that the event of Shiva may have originated to make his Vaishnava devotion acceptable. Mehta wrote from the heart, with compassion and spirituality in whatever genre he turned his hand to. No education or profession other than religious narsinh mehta poems in gujarati is mentioned in his poetry.