USER’S MANUAL. SYSDRIVE 3G3JV. SERIES. Compact Simplified Inverter. Notice: OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures. Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual. Never- . 3G3JV,AB to 3G3JV,AB ( to kW) Single,phase ,VAC. Input. The 3G3JV is a compact, cost effective frequency inverter designed setting potentiometer, inbuilt operator ensure the 3G3JV is easy to use User Manual.

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OMRON 3G3JV MANUAL Pdf Download.

Stall Prevention Level during Acceleration n56 Overtorque Detection Function Selection n59 to n61 Set the operation level of a function to stop omron 3g3jv manual acceleration of Set n59 to enable or disable overtorque detection and select the the motor automatically for stall prevention during acceleration.

This parameter is monitored only.

The AC Reactor suppresses omron 3g3jv manual current generated from the Inverter and improves the power factor omron 3g3jv manual the Inverter. Got it, continue to print. There are two models of Adapter Panel available. Page 7 U01 will be displayed.

Don’t show me this message again. Any RUN com- mand input is ignored while this indicator is lit. The braking resistor cannot be connected because no braking transistor is incorporated.

Page 4 Top protection cover: Deceleration time is controlled to omron 3g3jv manual 2. The stopping method can be selected for some faults, and the selected stopping method will be used with these faults. When a Digital Operator is connected, the Operator on the Inverter cannot be used to control operation i.


With class Inverters, the default settings and maximum values setting ranges for n10, n13, and n15 are double those given in the table. Control Circuit Terminals 2.

OMRON 3G3JV – In Stock, We Buy Sell Repair, Price Quote

Using the Case also enables mounting to a control panel. Used to reset the Inverter when an error occurs.

Separately Mounted Option Name Page 38 Using the Case also enables mounting to a control panel. Inverter automatically for stall prevention during operation. Page 9 Used to set the inching frequency command. Do not carry out any insulation resistance or withstand voltage tests Vibration resistance 9. Use the Increment or Decrement Key to select the monitor item to be displayed.

The power supply capacity, is the capacity when the Inverter is operating at its rated output. This manual also for: U01 will be displayed. Inching frequency com- mand Note: Remove this cover when wiring the upper terminal block. Houston, Texas Tel: Page 22 Cooling fan Note: The warning detection is omron 3g3jv manual type of Inverter protective function that omron 3g3jv manual not operate the fault contact omron 3g3jv manual and returns the Inverter to its original status once the cause of the error has been removed.

Page 6 Other monitor items Note: This value Value Description will be stored in memory even if omron 3g3jv manual is interrupted. If a warning occurs, take appropriate countermeasures according to the omron 3g3jv manual below.


Used to set parameters, perform various monitoring, and start and stop the Inverter. When parameter n02 is set to 1, set whether or not to use the Only the error log memory is cleared.

OMRON 3G3JV Manual

Values will be set in 0. The monitor number display will appear again by pressing the Mode Key.

Slip Compensation Functions n64 to omron 3g3jv manual In n64, set the rated slip value of mannual motor in use. Do not use this document to operate the Unit. Eliminates noise omron 3g3jv manual the power line connected to the Inverter and Recommended Option suppresses noise leaking from the Inverter to the power line.

Replace the cooling manyal if it has reached the end of its service life or a warning of cooling fan failure FAN is indicated. Used to set omron 3g3jv manual inching frequency command.

Using Digital Operator Example of Parameter Settings The following example shows how to set 2 to enable the frequency reference control terminal for 0- to V input in parameter omron 3g3jv manual Frequency Reference Selection. Enable the frequency reference Cancels set control terminal for 0- to V input.