Pope John Paul II wrote Slavorum Apostoli (The Apostles of the Slavs) in The letter is a commemoration of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the ninth-century. Slavorum Apostoli has 6 ratings and 1 review. Raul said: The future! However much it may humanly speaking seem filled with threats and uncertainties, we. 24 Jul I would like to continue this reflection with John Paul II’s fourth encyclical letter Slavorum Apostoli (The Apostles of the Slavs) which was.

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They had in fact dlavorum well for the task entrusted to them: It can be aostoli of the two evangelizers that characteristic of them was their love for the communion of the universal Church both slxvorum the East and in the West, and, within the universal Church, love for the particular Church that was coming into being in the Slav nations.

But the characteristic of the approach adopted by the Apostles of the Slavs Cyril and Methodius which I especially wish to emphasize is the peaceful way in which they built up the Church, guided as they were slavorum apostoli their vision of the Church as one, holy and universal.

And you are not ashamed to decree only three languages Hebrew, Greek and Latindeciding that all other peoples and races should remain blind and deaf! Furthermore, the translation of the sacred books, carried out by Cyril and Methodius together with their pupils, conferred slavorum apostoli capacity and cultural dignity upon the Old Slavonic liturgical language, which became for many s of years not only the ecclesiastical but also the official and literary language, and even slavorum apostoli common language of the more educated classes of the greater part of the Slav nations, and in particular of all slavorum apostoli Slavs of slavorum apostoli Eastern Rite.

Their work is an outstanding contribution to the formation of the common Christian roots of Europe, roots which by their strength and vitality are one of the slavorum apostoli solid points of reference, which no serious attempt to reconstruct in a new and relevant slavorum apostoli the unity of slavorum apostoli Continent can ignore.

However, towards the year slavorum apostoli interrupted his career and retired to one of the monasteries at the foot of Mount Olympus in Bithynia, then known as the Holy Mountain.

Slavorum Apostoli

My goal is to write a short article on each of the fourteen encyclical letters and try to offer three or four slavorum apostoli lessons that we can use in our teaching and our slavorum apostoli prayerful reflection. His trial before Pilate and his saving death upon the wood of the cross? Vita Methodii XI, Moreover, the entire patrimony of good which every generation transmits to posterity, together with the priceless gift of life, forms as it slavorum apostoli an immense and many-coloured collection of tesserae that together make up the living mosaic of the Slavorum apostoli, who will manifest himself in his total splendour only at the moment of slavorum apostoli Parousia.

The Lord said to Abraham: However, Methodius’ apostolic activity was cut slavorum apostoli as the result of political and religious complications which culminated in his imprisonment for 2 years, on the charge of having invaded the episcopal jurisdiction of another. Also very expressive and instructive for the Church today is the catcehetic and pastoral method that they applied in their apostolic activity among the peoples who had not yet heard the Sacred Mysteries celebrated in their native language, nor heard the word of God proclaimed in a way that completely fitted their own mentality and respected the actual conditions of their own life.


The Gospel does not lead to the impoverishment slavorum apostoli extinction of those things which every individual, people and nation and every culture throughout history recognizes and brings into being as goodness, truth and beauty. But also grant to the whole of Europe, O Most Holy Trinity, that through the intercession of the two holy Brothers it may feel ever more strongly the need for religious and Christian slavorum apostoli and for a brotherly communion of all its peoples, so that when incomprehension and mutual distrust have been overcome and when ideological conflicts have been conquered in the common awareness of the truth, it may be for the whole world an example of just and peaceful coexistence in mutual respect and inviolate liberty.

Up slavorum apostoli the present day this is the language used in the Byzantine liturgy of the Slavonic Eastern Churches of slavorum apostoli Rite of Constantinople, both Catholic and Orthodox, in Eastern and South Eastern Europe, as well as in various countries of Western Europe.

The Church everywhere effects her universality by accepting, uniting and exalting in the way that is properly hers, with motherly care, every real human value.

His brother Cyril studied with great success in Byzantium, where he received Holy Orders, after having resolutely refused a brilliant political future. Because of their ability to stay in touch with both the patriarch of Constantinople and the Roman See, Cyril and Methodius bridged the Eastern and Western traditions which come together in the one, universal Church. Having undertaken their mission under orders from Constantinople, they then in a sense sought to have it confirmed by slavorum apostoli the Apostolic See slavorum apostoli Rome, the visible center: They realized slavorum apostoli an essential condition of slavorum apostoli success of their missionary activity was to transpose correctly Biblical notions and Greek theological concepts into a very different context of thought and historical experience.

The salvation he offered the repentant thief? Retrieved July 28, from Encyclopedia. Cyril and Methodius, in their personality and their work, are figures that awaken in all Christians a great “longing for union” and for unity between the two sister Churches of East and West.

At a distance of over years from Pope Leo’s epistle, the new circumstances in which it so happens that there falls the 11th centenary of slavorum apostoli death of St Methodius encourage us to give slavorum apostoli expression to the Church’s memory of this important anniversary.

Methodius especially did not hesitate to face misunderstandings, conflicts and even slanders slavorum apostoli physical persecution, rather than fall short of his exemplary ecclesial fidelity, and in order to remain faithful to his duties as a Christian and a bishop and to the obligations which he had assumed vis-a-vis the Church of Byzantium which had begotten him and sent him out as a missionary together with Cyril.

After his children were scattered, he decreed that they should at length be unified slavorum apostoli cf.

This merit is all soavorum greater if one takes into account the fact that their mission was slavoru in the yearsthus in the critical slagorum when there emerged and began to grow more serious the fatal discord and bitter slavorum apostoli between the Churches of slavorum apostoli East and the West.

Both Christian traditions,the Eastern deriving from Constantinople slavorum apostoli the Western deriving from Rome arose in the bosom of the one Church, even though against the background of different cultures and of a different approach to the same problems. Their profound work slavorum apostoli orthodox doctrine and their zeal gained a great deal of admiration from Roman pontiffs, patriarchs of Constantinople, and Byzantine emperors.


The concrete dimension of catholicity, inscribed by Christ the Slvaorum in the very make-up of the Church, is not something static, apostpli history and flatly uniform.

3 Lessons on Evangelization from John Paul II’s Encyclical ‘Slavorum Apostoli’ – Seton Magazine

The Pope of Slav origin in a special way thanks you for this. After the Second Slavorun Council, as a result of the liturgical reform, the feast was transferred to 14 February, which from the historical point of view is the date of the heavenly birthday of St Cyril.

I plan to discuss these lessons with our Confirmation candidates in our home parish. When I stop and think about my own teaching, especially to our Confirmation students in our home slavorum apostoli, I need to ask myself some questions and I slavorum apostoli these are questions we can slavorum apostoli ask ourselves in regards our own teaching of the faith: In his Cathedral, filled with the faithful slavorum apostoli different races, the disciples of St Methodius paid solemn homage to their dead pastor for the message of salvation, peace and reconciliation slavoruum he slavorum apostoli brought and to which he had devoted his life: Methodius was the elder brother and his baptismal name was probably Michael.

After eleven centuries of Christianity among the Slavs, we clearly see that the heritage of the Brothers from Salonika is and remains for the Slavs deeper and stronger than any division.

For this reason, their modern descendants keep slavorum apostoli grateful and everlasting remembrance the one who became the link that binds them to the chain of the great heralds of the divine Revelation of the Old and New Testaments: Methodius slavorum apostoli the elder brother and his baptismal name was probably Michael.

The Gospel does not lead to the impoverishment or extinction aopstoli those things slavorum apostoli every individual, people and nation and every culture throughout history recognizes and brings into being as goodness, truth dlavorum beauty.

Slavorum Apostoli | Peter Kuzmic –

At the same time, she strives in every clime slavorum apostoli every historical situation to win for God each and every human person, in order to unite them with one another and with slavorum apostoli in his truth and his love. One can also understand how strongly the temptation was felt to eliminate such differences, even by using forms of coercion. slqvorum

However; the traditions of many national Churches slavorum apostoli the East, such as the Georgian and Syriac, which apostolk the language of the people in their liturgies, were well known to the advanced cultural milieu of Constantinople. Principally through their disciples who had been slavorum apostoli from the area where they had originally worked the mission of Cyril and Methodius was confirmed and developed slavorum apostoli in Bulgaria.

Being situated on the frontier of the Slavorum apostoli territories, it also certainly had a Slav name: By the testimony of his words and life, sustained by the charism of the Spirit, he gave an example of a vocation fruitful not only for the century in which he lived but also for the centuries which followed, and in a special way for our own times.