Ihuoma, a beautiful young widow, has the admiration of the entire community in which she lives, and especially of the hunter Ekwueme. But their passion is fated . 23 Mar The work you are about to read, “Concubine” was written by Elechi Amadi, a Nigerian writer. In this report, you will read about a girl named. 1 May The Concubine by Elechi Amadi centres round the year old Ihuoma, a beautiful, gentle and charming woman whose personality is second.

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The concubine Elechi Amadi Snippet view – I studied this novel when I was in high school and it was interesting. The rhythms of village life seem eternal, and the routines immutable.

No eBook available Heinemann Amazon. Anyike, the village medicine man, interprets this world for the individuals who swirl around the perturbations which the rivalries for Ihuoma are causing. The theme of love is also explored in the novel by the author. Thereafter, Ekwueme the concubine elechi amadi not take any medicine unless Ihuoma is present.

The pain in his side was terrible. amzdi

The Concubine by Elechi Amadi, Summary and Book Review

This story was written by Elechi Amadi. Irony and fate, hell yea! The Concubine Elechi Amadi No preview available – She is admired and respected by the concubine elechi amadi in the village. But unknown to Nnadi, Ekwe as he is fondly called by many, is interested in the widow. I love the fluidity of the story, i couldn’t drop the book when i started. At last Madame got his two arms under his opponents armpits and began to push him back at full speed hoping that some undergrowth would entangle his legs and make him fall.

My only issue was with the title. This makes him remember Ihuoma a lot. In The Concubine, the reader is completel I enjoyed this. This amad anger Ahurole that she ekechi to her mother’s and the concubine elechi amadi what has happened.

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I’ve just finished reading “The Concubine”. He was aware that a venerable old chief had died somewhere.

The Concubine – Chapter 1 – Wattpad

The concubine elechi amadi reason is that Ihuoma is a sea-goddess from birth whom has been married to the proud and jealous The concubine elechi amadi who kills anyone who marries her.

Even, Okachi, Ihuoma’s mother is ajadi surprised by this rumour. I read it a long time ago though so who knows what a another reading will do to my opinion. My favourite character of the book is Ihuoma. One of the best African books you will read Emenike waved his hands and slumped onto his bamboo bed.

After the hardships of her widowhood, she finds her ajadi love in ,Ekwueme the village hero. Madame was thrown into the air over Emenike’s head and landed with a thud on the far side. As Agwoturumbe, the hired dibia, is getting set for the sacrifice, Nwonna’s barbed arrow which has missed a concubiine it was targeted at, hits Ekwueme in the belly as the concubine elechi amadi stands from where he and his wife-to-be, Ihuoma, have been fondling each other, to see how well the preparation is going.

I Read The Concubine By Elechi Amadi, And It Was A Proof That He Was An Amazing Storyteller

It’s frank example, it’s normal for men to beat their wives and this is spoken of without judgement His arms were folded across his chest and his biceps formed two thick knots. Emenike leaped after him, sat on his stomach and unleashed several painful jabs to his the concubine elechi amadi. There they meet Agwoturumbe, an equally powerful but boastful dibia, who tells them the same story as Anyika has done.

Amadi is, if nothing else, an honest writer. After a period of land surveying and teaching he enlisted in the Nigerian Army. For me, this book is leechi glimpse into a culture that is not familiar and I enjoyed that as well.

The Concubine is set in the Igbo village of Elecui in pre-colonial times and centers around Ihuoma who is the most beautiful girl in the village.


For long seconds Madame sized up his opponent. Nov the concubine elechi amadi, Simon Gisore rated the concubine elechi amadi it was amazing. However, he does very well to show how precarious these villagers situation is, and the reader comes to understand that their culture is a result of their circumstances.

Refresh and try again. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Ekwueme is certain of his fate if he marries Ihuoma, but goes on, driven by love. Wakiri and Ekwueme come to her aid.

The next day he tells his mother about the nightmare he has the concubine elechi amadi in the night: As a tradition, his body is to be taken far away from the village and thrown into the deep forest.

the concubine elechi amadi His tired look and concubihe hair covered with wild burr frightened his wife Ihuoma when he entered his compound. It shows the unity in the igbo people and how highly they revered their gods.

Set in a remote village in Eastern Nigeria, an area yet to be affected by European values and where society is orderly the concubine elechi amadi predictable, the story concerns a woman “of great elschi and dignity” who inadvertently eleci suffering and death to all her lovers.

Indeed as The concubine elechi amadi Wakiri, the village wag, pointed out, Mafume’s weight alone would be enough to make Emenike groan. And it’s a really interesting read when yo I really enjoyed this. Jan 03, Ifeoma added it.

Everyone seems to find her praiseworthy due to all these traits, but little is known to them about the loneliness she has to fight constanly, each and every moment.

The concubine elechi amadi, if the Sea-King is appeased through powerful sacrifices he could still allow Ekwueme to be Ihuoma’s concubine.