The Devil to Pay in the Backlands has ratings and reviews. Francis said: Clásico universal de origen brasileño. De limitada edición, no es un l. Grande Sertão: Veredas (Portuguese for “Great Backlands: Tracks”; English translation: The Devil to Pay in the Backlands) is a novel published in by the. Devil to Pay in the Backlands. uploaded by. uploader avatar CurzioMalaparte · Berlin Alexanderplatz – Alfred Doblin. uploaded by. uploader avatar Marcelo Rota .

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Vossignoria dovrebbe vedere uomini ammazzarsi a bruciapelo, spumando rabbia! He acts, all right—but almost wholly through the medium of persons, good and bad.

The Devil to Pay in the Backlands Summary

My body longed for his body. Acaua, Queque, Quim Queiroz, Sesfredo, Quipes, Jiribibe, Beiju, Mao di Lixa, Bexiguento, and Ze Bebelo… There is a main love story the devil to pay in the backlands are a few more, less important which seems out of the ordinary, devvil love of the lead man backalnds man, Diadorim. Want to Read saving…. While I suffered the tortures of fear. Some of them reared up on their hind legs and pawed the air with their front hoofs, and fell on top of one another, and tumbled in a whirling jumble.

The Devil to Pay in the Backlands | work by Guimarães Rosa |

Coutinho sees the novel as transcending the opposing trends of regionalism and universalism to create the devil to pay in the backlands new synthesis. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I didn’t want what was hanging over us, so I fetched an idea from afar. So is it imagination? Only his eyes denied me. Daker rated it it was ok Gacklands 15, He later meet Diadorium again as a fellow Jagunco and from there-on till the end of book, they are more or less togather.


I know backladns I did. Most of the book’s spirit is however lost in translation, as the Portuguese original is written in a register that is both archaic and colloquialmaking deil a very difficult book to translate.

While the book appears chaotic and without plot to begin with, telling stories of jaguncos hunting each other’s war parties in the backlands, the plot eventually takes definite shape and there are important jn throughout the book. Diadorim is the bravest hand-to-hand fighter with courage like a lion.

So there you have it — this time I have an excuse to lie in my review. I appreciate who he is. Vossignoria dovrebbe poter immaginare una persona aurorare di tutto amore e morire come fosse solo per uno. The succession of events made for a jumbled telling but the compositional choices—the details and images, the devil to pay in the backlands succession of surprises one after another, the reappearances of characters—were perfectly timed, in a narrative that was seemingly tk letup in its spontaneous flow.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. See 2 questions about The Devil to Pay in the Backlands…. Literature has never known more beautiful a love than that which Riobaldo and Diadorim share.


He was speaking to an fo man, a learned person, almost certainly a writer who was interviewing the retired bandit in order to write about his exploits. In this way I put a stop to the thing that was burning me up, the tittle-tattle. They tune or detune.

The hours were endless. But the fact remained that, in support of some political feud, they would not hesitate to shoot up a village of helpless people, thd like ourselves, with mothers and godmothers. I’ll soon tell you, I’m coming to the subject that you are waiting for. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. View all 8 comments.

Grande Sertão: Veredas

Segundo conselho, aparentemente pueril, mas efetivo: It’s the story of his actions, emotions about his actions, his loves, confusions, really, I guess his inner feelings about everything in life. How could he be forgiven? It’s ro monologue told in Riobaldo’s voice and that voice goes on for the pages plus.

The climax of the book is a knife fight between the two opposing armies.