Thinking Statistically explains essential concepts in statistics with wit and flair. Instead of page after page of mathematical mumbo-jumbo, Uri Bram tells stories. Thinking Statistically, the little book filled with the big ideas of statistics. One of the 99 best business books of all time; available in Mandarin and Korean. The paperback printing of Thinking Statistically includes all the material from the Kindle original plus innovative new segments giving graphical representations.

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The math is there, but the illustrations make each formula easy to follow and remember.

thinking statistically uri bram The book is a non-technical introduction to how to think in terms of three important statistical concepts: The approach helps you remember and apply these concepts to real-world situations, as one reviewer noted:. We never let junior manufacturing technicians do complex statistical analysis, but we often give them tremendous latitude in sampling plans.

The Normal Distribution Excerpts “Our story begins with randomness.

Thinking statistically uri bram but enjoyable, interesting to see concepts put so easily. Third chapter talks about Bayes, and how you can improve your predictions based statisticcally plausible priors And if you have always wished to know more of this topic, but hesitated, here is the place to easily hop in the pool, so to speak.


Predictive modeling uses statistics in order to predict outcomes. Good examples but weird formulas It’s hard to follow when he reads the formulas. To its opponents, it is subjectivity run amok. They are the Statistifally Crunchers. How much messiness should we accept?

See the world in a whole new light, and make better decisions and judgements without ever going near a t-test. Published on November 8, While this very thinking statistically uri bram introduction to the concepts of statistics is valuable to those who don’t think “statistically,” I have to point out that this field is a no-win situation in terms of satisfying your readers.

I need thinking statistically uri bram listen to it ooone more time Dive into the complicated matter of analyzing and mining for data correctly. A good way to spend 80 minutes. This book offers a simple, engaging introduction to key statistical concepts.

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All our barm are constrained by limited space and time, limits that give rise to a particular set of problems. Don’t play the dating game without The Game Theory.

Discovering the 5 Thinking statistically uri bram Steps to Create the L How to Lie with Statistics By: To a stats nerd, this passes as pretty funny”. Data are facts you can rely on if you draw the right conclusions.


Thinking Statistically – Audiobook |

This is tninking fun read. On the other hand, the smoothness and elegance also made the re-reading fun, and at times surprising.

A great introductory primer, a good basis point to thinking statistically uri bram deeper, or a short read that’s humorous. The Game Theory is a light-hearted look at the world of dating through the lens of economic theory. The New Science of Cause and Effect. Well, he has done it again!

I would recommend to anyone whom find statistics and experiment design interesting 1 of 2 people found this review helpful. I imagine I will read this book several times as I explore the statistics domain and concepts referenced here become simpler. I’ve recommended this book to my teen daughters who have yet to take statistics courses as a way to introduce them to statistical concepts that should part of anyone’s intellectual thinking statistically uri bram in our data-driven times.