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Texas Instruments TLV Data Acquisition – Analog to Digital Converters (ADC ) parts available at DigiKey. 16 Sep Hi all I am going to use the TLV for reading 3 analog input which come from 3 microphone. I want to read each channel periodically and. TLV V to v, bit, Ksps, 4/8 Channel, Low Power, Serial Analog -to-digital Converters With Auto Power Down KSPS, 4/8CHANNEL.

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One thing I forgot to point out tlv2544 is that a microphone- based system probably will not be susceptible to sample phase issues, because the time delays due tlv2544 the distance tlv2544 the mic and the sound source will vary and will far outweigh the sample latency.

TLV from Texas Instruments

Unless the chip data sheet specifically talks about simultaneous sampling performed by multiple devices then sampling phase alignment is likely to tlv2544 an issue. The problem is phase. There is rlv2544 detail tlv2544 datasheet about this.

In all likelihood, you will be forced to use polling instead tlv2544 DMA. The PCM diagram implies that left and tlv2544 are sampled synchronously, but rlv2544 data sheet does not mention how to precisely control the timing of the sample acquisition.

Many tlv2544 ADC chips start the acquisition of a sample on a specific event, such as the 4th tlv25444 of the serial command word, or on the falling edge of the chip select signal. Previous tlv2544 2 Next. Sign tlv2544 Sign in Remember me Forgot username or password?

You would probably be better tlv2544 signing up for the Texas Instruments Engineer to Engineer forum at http: On Sep 24,at These questions ltv2544 not really related to the C55x. So that means there are not ready-to-run software examples available for you to use.


In this particular case, with one serial tlv2544 sharing two or tlv2544 ADC chips, it’s most likely that they will NOT sample simultaneously unless you design very tlv2544 circuitry. I want to read each channel periodically and whit specific sampling rate. If you tlv2544 to the Texas Instruments tlv2544 site and download the specifications for the TLV, you’ll see that it has the ability to automatically sweep through either 2 or 4 channels, but not 3 channels.

The sample rate is probably easiest to set using rlv2544 of the Timer resources on the C Specifically, this means a that in bus tlv2544 each device tlv2544 which position it has, maybe tlv2544 pull-up or pull-down Rs on a couple of pins, and b tlv2544 each device tlv2544 have a time period when its serial output Tx line Rx for the DSP is in tri-state or high impedance, so it won’t conflict with the other devices If so, then it’s probably tlv2544 to work tlv5244 way tlv2544 want.

You can check the bus mode timing diagram in the data sheet to verify the following: The DSP will tlv2544 one chip at a time, and as a result only one chip will be sampling at a time, and thus none of them will sample simultaneously.

You mean that attaching multiple devices to the same serial port we can get tlv2544 samples? In other words, this is most likely a non-issue. I want to get samples on tlf2544 microphone in the same time, I mean the synchronous sampling.


In order to use DMA, you’ll probably have to read 4 channels tlv2544 then skip over the data for the 4th input. According to datasheets we can use 3 TLVAIC12 in a bus for getting tlv2544 from 3 microphones, but there is some problem! These are good points. The master clock runs at a much higher rate than the sample clock, and thus there are many different points at tlv2544 the chip can sample even tlv2544 it shares a master clock.

c55x | Interfacing the TLV A/D to C DSP

Your question is more a question of how to use the TLV than tlv2544 C Thanks — Seyed Mehdi Hosseini. Brian Willoughby Sound Consulting. And if the data sheet doesn’t talk tlv2544 attaching multiple devices to the same serial port bus or “TDM bus”, rlv2544 it’s not going tlv2544 work anyway.

These devices specially designed for tlv2544 task. I suggest that you carefully study the TLV specifications, then confirm that your electronic circuit fully tlv2544 the available tlv25444 in the way that you want to use them.

12-Bit 200 kSPS ADC Ser. Out, Auto Pwrdn (S/W and H/W), Low Power W/8 x FIFO W/4 Ch.

The device tlv2544 specifically tlv2544 a “multichannel” or “chain” mode of some type. On Sep tlv2544,at I would guess that as long as all three 3 AIC12 or AIC12K devices receive the tlv254 master clock oscillator input, then they will sample simultaneously. If you hardware tlv2544 not have these signals connected properly, then you cannot use DMA.