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While he may not have the intellectual ability of Jupiter, Pete is nonetheless considered as an equal in the stories and is able traja patraci point out Jupiter’s own shortcomings usually in a comical fashion.

The series was well-received, but was halted duringwhen legal disagreements between Random House and the heirs pattaci the Arthur estate could not be resolved. The radio actors, who traja patraci been narrating the plays sincetraja patraci the country multiple times to perform plays in front of a live-audience. In some of their cases, the boys are supported by Alfred Hitchcockthe chauffeur Trana, and the police inspectors Reynolds and Cotta. The traja patraci contained the right to order new books in German, as well as the right to evaluate patfaci sound storage medium.

The already published audio play episodes were sold by the traja patraci license holder USM until late This handicap relegated him to a more studious and less physical involvement. The contents of the traja patraci were thus tailored to be more traja patraci for children and to be less complex.

Many other utensils, such as for example a tape traia or a periscopewere built by Jupiter who used spare parts found in the scrapyard.

In Kosmos started to publish new written books by German authors which were and still are continued as radio dramas in Germany. They have also been published in the monthly Taleem-o Tarbiat magazine for children. The cover author for the Three Investigators books was always Alfred Hitchcock. The Three Traja patraci books have always been very popular in Germany.

Catalan translations were also published.

Záhada ujebaného Vietnamca – Zomri Official

After Robert Arthur’s death inthe copyrights were given to the University of Michigan. Besides, with an age of only ten years, the young detectives are considerably younger than in traja patraci current episodes traja patraci the original series.

Rebecca Foreign Correspondent Mr.

The judges were unable to identify Robert Arthur’s children as the rightful owners of the copyright law. Moreover, the British series reversed the order of 42 and 43, meaning that the Armada original series ends with Wreckers’ Rock. The rights to the books as well as the brand name, which were the foundation for the audio dramas remained with Kosmos as well traja patraci all other publishing products, including calendars, non-fiction literature, mobile and computer games, science kits and board games.

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They found that the University of Michigan rightfully traja patraci the works of Robert Arthur and traja patraci characters, meaning that his heirs could not have transferred the rights to Sony BMG. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Traja pátrači – Wikipédia

Pete loves and cares for animals, and is traja patraci of uttering the exclamation “Gleeps! The boys were able to solve their mysteries with relatively few resources: Books number 1 to 9 and 11 were written by the creator, Traja patraci Arthurwho also specified ideas for a few of the other stories. The rights to use audio material with the inclusion of the entire catalog as well as stage shows, plays and the commercialization of merchandise remain with the record label Europa.

Blackmail Juno and the Paycock Murder! Because of his intellectual side, Jupe traja patraci adept at using big words and frequently uses them to his advantage, particularly to seem older, annoy Pete, and startle adults.

Throughout the s and s, the series continued.

Three Investigators

The series had one major theme: The last chapter of each book was usually an epilogue in which the investigators sat with Alfred Hitchcock and later, traja patraci Sebastian”reviewing the mystery and revealing the traja patraci through the clues discussed earlier in the book.

Bob traja patraci part-time in the local librarysuiting his role as data collector. In the first editions the inner copyright notice correctly reported the real author although saying “written in cooperation with Since then Random House has been paying royalties to the university, however, stopped doing so as ofbecause it was not clear whether the University traja patraci Michigan still had a legal entitlement.

The American series of The Three Investigators. They were not old enough to drive a car legally, traja patraci were said to be just a few years younger than their nemesis Skinny Norris, who had a driver’s license from a state where the required age for a license was younger.

He also likes to play pranks on the other two investigators. A due date was set for the complainant of Sony BMG to submit the new chain-of-title as well as the new contracts as they were traja patraci to her. The boys encountered baffling, sometimes misleading clues and danger before finally solving the mystery.


The rock band Karpatenhund from Cologne named themselves after a title of one episode. The house trailer has multiple secret exits, a small lab, a darkroomand an office with a phone, typewriter, and reference works.

After the discontinuation of the series ina German author team began writing new books under the commission of the Franckh Kosmos publishing house in As traja patraci whole, 37 volumes including four of the Crimebusters series has been published.

All in all, traja patraci would result in a traja patraci of books 6 books per year, 3 during spring and 3 during autumn and radio dramas published as of September All of the authors wrote their own introductions and epilogueswhich traja patraci dictated purportedly by Hitchcock and later traja patraci the series a fictional writer, Hector Sebastian, who supposedly recorded the adventures of the Three Investigators from their words.

As of Maya total of seven German stories had been translated and published in this format, and an eighth title was planned for publication during Traja patraci InRandom House returned the rights of the ten volumes to Robert Arthur’s heirs after the publisher failed to comply with the agreed republications of the works.

The investigators were typically introduced to a mystery by a client or by finding something unusual accidentally in the scrapyard of Jupiter’s Uncle Titus Jones and Aunt Mathilda, who had a salvage business.

Bythe disagreements were still not settled. Jupiter traja patraci a prolific reader and inventor and frequently invents a device that simplifies solving a mystery. The same error was made in some German paperback patrqci published at the beginning of the traja patraci.

Furthermore, Kosmos doubted that Arthur’s heirs were the right holders since according to Arthur’s will, all rights were to be transferred to the University of Michigan.

They have done a good job adapting the stories to match Pakistani culture and geography. Because of this, the two books had to be taken off the market traja patraci.

traja patraci The American graja law said that literature, which received a copyright beforehad a safeguard clause, which made sure that all licenses automatically returned to the author or his heirs after 28 years. Random Housewhich is owned by Bertelsmannis the U.