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19 Sep U.S. Customs and Border Protection Declaration Form B – InstructionsWelcome to the United States!SAMPLE – Customs Declaration Form. 2 Nov For companies interested in printing official CBP forms, the archive below For forms I and B, the following languages are included. 21 May You must complete the CBP Declaration Form B. CBP Declaration Form B provides us with basic information about who you are and.

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Processed foodstuffs, like chocolate, cookies, and canned goods, are usually enterable, since they are unlikely to contain pests or pathogens. According hs the agricultural branch of U. Us customs form 6059bprint the total value of all goods including commercial merchandise you or any family members traveling with you are bringing into the United States and will remain in the United States.

Controlled substances obscene articles, and toxic substances are generally prohibited entry.

Sample U.S. Customs Declaration Form B

Controlled substances, obscene articles, and toxic substances are generally prohibited entry. Customs and Border Protection. Visitors Non-Residents – declare the value of us customs form 6059b articles that will remain in the United States. Are you traveling on a business work-related trip? Slate logo Sign In Sign Up.

File:US CBP Form 6059B.jpg

Declare all articles on this form. Comment cards are available to compliment or provide feedback. Duty – CBP officers will determine duty. Have you or any family members traveling with you been in close proximity of such as touching or handling livestock outside the United States?


Access Denied

If traveling by vessel shipprint the vessel’s name. Read definition of monetary instruments on the reverse side of the form. Customs Declaration 19 CFR Residents – declare the us customs form 6059b of all articles that you have acquired abroad and are bringing into the United States.

Print the number of family members traveling with you frm not include yourself. Print the first letter of your middle name.

Customs officer will determine us customs form 6059b. Print the name of the country that issued your passport. Customs and Border Protection Form B asks all travelers not 66059b to give basic information about themselves and their travels, but also to declare whether they are carrying: Thank You, and Welcome to the United States.

Cuetoms all articles on this declaration form and show the value in U. Keep the complete form with you and us customs form 6059b it to the CBP inspector when you approach the Customs and Border Protection area.

Illustration by Rob Donnelly. Customs Declaration Form – B. CBP officers have the authority to question you and to examine you and your personal property. Use the reverse side of this form if additional space is needed to list the items for will declare. Not affiliated with any government agency. Print the city and the state in the appropriate boxes. CBP recommends hiring a broker to help you if your custo,s require a formal us customs form 6059b.

Sign the form and print the date. Customs and Border Protection is responsible us customs form 6059b protecting the United States against the illegal importation of prohibited items. Print the name of the country cusfoms you currently live. Are you bringing with you: If they find any potentially dangerous substances on your personal effects, they will disinfect your items before they let you bring them into the country.


File:US CBP Form – Wikipedia

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats, on the other hand, are usually prohibited. Some items are permissible if purchased in certain countries us customs form 6059b not in others. But if you declare that you have items intended for sale when you enter the U.

Returning to the U. Print your passport number. However, if customs officers determine that you lied on Form B and failed to declare cuetoms agricultural item you us customs form 6059b have declared, you can be fined on the spot.

60599b your last family name. Citizen Service Fees U. If you are one of the travelers selected for an examination, you will be treated in a courteous, professional, and dignified manner.

If yes, your must complete the Customs Form If you are a U. In addition to jet lag, sleep deprivation, and the usual hassles of air travel, you have to fill out a customs declaration form before us customs form 6059b re-enter the country.

If traveling by airline, print the airline’s name and flight number.